DIY: Frame Corkboards

Hello there lovely world! Today’s DIY wasn’t one I had planned for my dorm at all, but when my mom came home with a bunch of IKEA frames, I knew exactly what I had to do and I’m really pleased with how they turned out! I went in to this one a little bit blind and had to do some dollar store runs the day of (not that I minded of course) but everything ran without a hitch, so here it is!


These colour blocked corkboards are cute, easy to make, and liven up any space. You can use whatever designs or colours you want to personalize them and they’re great for hanging up photos of friends and family.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Hot glue gun & glue || Paint || Painters tape (not shown) || Paint brushes || Wood frames (IKEA always has inexpensive options) || Carving knife || Corkboard squares (one per frame) || Sand paper || Push pins || Pom poms


1. Mark It

Using painters tape, block off the sections of your frames you would like to paint. I chose to paint the corner of one frame, and approximately two thirds of my other frame. You can choose whatever design/pattern you’d like.


2. Sand It

Once you’ve marked off the sections of the frame you will paint, it’s time to sand them. Most frames will have a glossy finish and without sanding it off, your paint won’t stick. Make sure you sand in all the little ridges so that your paint will adhere properly, I ran in to a little problem with this so save yourself some time and trouble and sand properly the first time.


3. Paint It

Once you’ve sanded away the gloss finish, you can get to painting your frames. I chose a vibrant pink (called Tutti Frutti, which makes it that much better) and a classic Tiffany-ish blue (super classy if I do say so myself). Be sure to let the pain dry in between coats for a clean finish (again, ran in to a few problems when I thought things were dry…but they actually weren’t). I painted four coats just so the colours were nice and vibrant. Allow you frames to dry for an hour after you have finished painting.


4. Cut It

While your frames dry, trace the backing of each one on to the coarkboard squares and cut each piece out. Make sure all your edges are clean.


5. Glue It

Once both sheets of corkboard have been cut, glue them to the frame backings for added support. After everything has dried, place the corkboard sections in to the frames and secure (just like you would if you were putting in a picture). Secure the back with my glue if needed.


6. Hang It

You’re done!! Wasn’t that so much fun? You now have two beautiful corkboard frames that you can use to store notes, pictures and to-do lists. Hang them above your bed or on a wall and enjoy your incredible handywork!

Pom Pom Push Pins:

This is a little extra DIY within a DIY, but as you can see in the final product photos, I also made these adorable pom pom push pins. They’re super easy and all you have to do is hot glue gun little pom poms to the head of the push pin. Apply a lot of pressure while the glue dries so they’re durable, and let them cool fully before using them (I popped them in the freezer for a few minutes to speed it up)! I cannot get over how adorable they are, can’t wait to make some more in other colours!!

There it is folks! Beautiful (and super easy) colour blocked corkboards! These guys are great to give as presents, especially to someone moving in on their own or heading off to school!

If you try out this DIY, let me know how it went in the comments!!

Hope today is treating you beautifully!

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