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As school became more intense and hellish over the year, I started compiling motivational quotes. I wrote them in my agenda, the corners of lecture notes and on post-it’s stuck all around my dorm room. Cheesy I know, but on rough days when it seemed you could barely make it to the bathroom alive, a few sentences of encouragement were just the thing to give you an extra push.

I’ve especially taken a liking to motivational laptop wallpapers, because opening up my computer to a quote or message that makes me feel strong is awesome and gets me more in the mood to conquer whatever work I have to get done! I’ve searched high and low for some good ones, but ended up making my own with sayings I find especially encouraging, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you to help you stay motivated when life gets intense!

This quote is especially important to me, and is something I tell myself a lot. When life gets busy we tend to beat ourselves up when things don’t go well (or who we planned anyhow), but, everyone should remember to be kind to themselves (that whole your body is a temple philosophy) because you have you for life, and you’re pretty amazing.


A similar phrase with a more flowery background (because who doesn’t want to smile when they see pretty pink flowers?)
be your own hero
The most sustainable source of happiness, is yourself! If you can find your own peace and joy, you are indestructible!

There you go! Hopefully using these will brighten your laptops/desktops a little and remind you to give yourself grace (in the words of Justin Bieber).

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