Me Time Ideas

Hey y’all! As I’ve said in earlier posts, in the midst of hectic lifestyles, we often forget how important it is to fit in “me time”. It’s something we all know the importance of but often manage to forget.

Taking some time to yourself helps not only recuperate and relax, but it give your mind a bit of down time so that you can head back to work ready to go! While it’s always difficult to fit some of this time in to our busy days, here are some easy things you can do for yourself when you need a break!

  1. Wake up early and make a healthy breakfast
  2. Work out (interval training workouts often last only a half hour)
  3. Paint your nails
  4. Read a couple chapters of the book you’re reading
  5. Do fifteen minutes of yoga and stretching
  6. Take fifteen minutes to journal about your day before bed
  7. Go for a walk
  8. Take a shower or bubble bath
  9. Bake something yummy
  10. Watch an episode or two of your favourite show
  11. Work on a long term project (i.e. scrapbook or a knitting project)
  12. Take a twenty minute power nap
  13. Meditate
  14. Play your favourite game (sims is always a win for me)
  15. Give yourself a face mask
  16. Listen to your favourite songs
  17. Read a magazine

Those are just some quick little suggestions, but hopefully it gets you thinking about all the ways you can squeeze a little more me time in to a busy students life!

Hope you’re all enjoying the amazing weather! It’s so beautiful out!
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