Beat The Summer Heat


August is arguably one of the best and worst months of the year. It’s still summer (read: extremely hot) but the promise of fall is on the horizon. School hasn’t started for real, but back-to-school shopping is in full swing, and there is still enough time for adventuring and lazing around before going back to real life.

Here in Portugal it’s pretty darn hot (like 40 degrees celsius everyday) so going outside is often a total no-no! It does get sort of boring being cooped up all day because of the intense oven-like heat, but I’ve figured out a few fool proof ways to a) beat the heat, and b) beat the boredom! So, here are five things to do on (really) hot summer days.

Make Fancy Ice Cream

To many, ice cream looks like one of those things you need professional equipment to whip out, but my friends, that just isn’t true! Making your own delicious chocolate or pistachio ice cream (or whatever your little heart desires) is actually way easier than that! All you need is a cake pan, simple ingredients, and a freezer!

My friend Alex and I made some delicious mocha almond fudge ice cream back in June, and not only was it super easy, but it came out better than like, any ice cream I’ve had before!

If you get really excited with your homemade ice cream, why not set up a sundae station and invite your pals over for a fancy ice cream sundae party? Here are some great recipes to try (you might have trouble picking just one)!

Read A Good Book

In this age of Facebook and Instagram, books sometimes fly under the radar. Still, I don’t think anything is more satisfying than opening a new book and sitting in a comfy spot to read it.

Getting yourself lost in crazy adventures and romances is the perfect way to forget how disgustingly hot it is outside, and will give you a chance to relax and enjoy some coveted me time!

Here are some books I’ve worked through this summer if you need some inspiration!

Craft Something

I can’t lie, I’m obsessed with crafts. If I could live in Michaels, I probably would, but as it is now, I’ll have to settle with spending crazy amounts of money on beads and embroidery floss.

Crafting is the perfect thing to do on a hot summer day. You can do it with your best friend or with your mom and siblings, and not only is it fun to loose yourself in a project, but you’ll come out the other side with a totally brag worthy piece you made all yourself!

Here are a few projects I’m dying to try, the tough part is picking one to start with.

Write Letter To Your Friends

Nobody seems to send letters anymore and that sucks, because getting mail is among one of the most satisfying feelings ever!

Whenever I come to Portugal in the summer I make it a mission to write to as many of my friends as possible, and this year I ended up writing 13 letters! It was tough to write them all, but I was so excited to send them off and get a response!

Even if your friends haven’t gone away, or they live with you, it’s a fun idea to write a little letter and pop it in the mail to surprise them.

Pack a Picnic and Explore

Yes, going in to the heat was exactly what we were avoiding, but seriously, picnics are the best (even when it’s super hot). Pack up your favourite snacks and some treats, call up your Besties, and head to the park or the water (if you’re lucky enough to be near it)!

Picnics are a great way to pend quality time with your favourite people, and lets be honest, are great photo ops! Find some shade and relax in nature with good food and even better company!


Those are some of my favourite ways to beat the heat, but what do you do when it’s just too hot?

Hope you’re all enjoying this gorgeous day!

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